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Reach In

If your closet space is a bit more limited and you have reach in closets to organize, do not despair! At the Closet Works our design staff can transform even a modest reach in into a lean mean storage machine! We can stuff in more belongings into your reach in closet than you ever thought possible…think of the Thanksgiving turkey, only well ordered!

Having a reach in doesn’t limit you as much as you might think. You can incorporate drawers, shelves, hampers, long and double hanging, baskets, toy storage, shoe space…every type of storage that you need to make your closet clutter free, well organized and efficient. You can double or even triple your usable space, depending on your needs.

At the Closet Works all of our designs are custom so that your closet fulfills your needs. No modular sections…no off the shelf storage solutions…truly custom designs at prices that shout value! A closet where everything is within your reach…including the cost.

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