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Everybody needs a place to work when they come home from work! It doesn’t matter if it’s a spot for the kids to do their school work, a full office to act as the command center for your home based business, a little nook for hobbies or bill paying, a computer armoire to hide the office from sight when you have guests…whatever the need The Closet Works has an exciting, ergonomically designed and affordable answer. It is more than just functionality…your home office should reflect your taste and style as well as your individuality. A custom solution from The Closet Works is the best way to maximize your work space while enhancing your home décor and not breaking the budget.

We offer thousands of different combinations of desks, files, work surfaces, hutches, pedestals, cabinets and self contained computer armoires and work stations that can be built in 1” increments, custom designed and professionally installed so that you can work smart and work happy. You can create a rich looking and highly efficient work space to meet all your home office needs, just call The Closet Works and a free in home design consultation will make it easy for you to do your homework!

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