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Let’s see…your new home is just what you have always dreamed of…beautiful…graceful…life enhancing…lots and lots of space….well ok, maybe even your dream home could use a little extra space…and we can help! How about some custom furniture for those areas that require a special touch…Maybe a child’s bedroom with furniture that incorporates a bed, clothes storage, a cabinet for toys, books and kid stuff, and a desk, so that homework has its own special place. Perhaps a Murphy bed so that the den or office can double as a guest room. Maybe a library with bookshelves and storage cabinets and display cases.

Whatever the need, The Closet Works can create useful, beautiful and efficient designs to maximize the potential of almost any room in your home. With our long list of material choices and design features as well as your own individualized input we would be delighted to create a custom piece for any of your furniture requirements. Custom furniture…designed to your specs and with your needs as the driving force…at prices that make any other approach seem less appealing…only at The Closet Works, where you (and your ideas) come first.

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