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It doesn’t seem as if there are too many people who are actually thrilled with the task of doing the laundry. Well, the bad news is we can’t eliminate the laundry day blues, but we can make doing laundry easier and more efficient.

Let The Closet Works re-design your laundry room and lighten your load! We can create cabinet and storage space to help keep all of your laundry and cleaning supplies both well organized and out of sight. We can add islands with drawers or even laundry baskets to help with the separation and staging tasks, making sure that the lights end up with the lights, etc. We can install hanging rods over sinks for drip drying with no mess, fold down ironing boards which save on space and are so easy to use, counter tops crafted either from traditional laminate or even the new solid surface materials that look like granite or stone, and pedestals to raise your washer and dryer off the floor making loading and unloading a simpler task…the list is practically endless.

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