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Walk In

There a many benefits available for those lucky enough to have a walk in closet in their life. If the space is efficiently organized, maximum utilization can make the storage of your wardrobe and personal items convenient, esthetically pleasing and easily accessible. Often, useful storage in a walk in closet can be increased two or even three fold by a creative and well trained designer. Sometimes you can eliminate the need to change clothes by season from closet to closet, having more of your things close at hand. Based upon your desires, a walk in can be designed with an eye to maximum storage, or as a dressing room or as a space that incorporates a make-up table or even an office space.

Each individualís needs and desires are different, so at the Closet Works we take great pride in customizing your space to meet your own specific requirements, providing just the kind of storage solutions that you need to create that perfect feeling of organization, balance, beauty and efficiency every time you walk into your closet.

The wide array of options and finishes as well as the choices available in terms of door styles and design features allows for personalization to the max. Whether your preference is the warmth of traditional raised panels and crown moldings or the sleek lines of more contemporary designs, only the Closet Works brings so much into your closet.

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